Red River Students of the Month

Superintendent of Schools Alison Hughes and VFW Post 7287 Commander Barry McCoy presented the Students of the Month for September at the meeting of the School Board on October 7th.  Hughes read the nomination statements submitted by the students’ teachers.

The Red River Elementary student selected is Alyana Morse. Hughes said, “Mrs. Briggs is Alyana’s 4thgrade English Language Arts (ELA) teacher, and she says that Alyana is self-motivated.  She completes each assignment and works hard to make sure that her work is correct. She is polite and never complains about anything.  She is a model student.”

The student selected from Red River Junior High is Jacameron Iverson.  Hughes said, “Jacameron is a leader in his class who goes out of his way to make sure he gives 110% in everything he sets his mind to.

From Red River High, the Student of the Month is Jeyden Young. Hughes read his nomination, “Jeyden young is a 10thgrader at RRHS.  He is a promising young man who comes to class prepared and ready to engage in the lesson.  He is often found helping fellow classmates understand the subject matter or reminding them about proper behavior.  He works diligently to learn and master principles of class and lessons beyond academics.

Two students were honored from the new Red River Academic Academy.  Hughes said the student selected for August is Johnny Meshell.  “Johnny’s stand-out characteristics are integrity and compassion, said Hughes.  She added, “Johnny is going to do the right thing even if no one is watching. He is always honest, even if being honest gets him in trouble. Johnny is not just an example of a great student, he is an example of a great person. If a classmate is upset, he will be the one to offer that student a shoulder to lean on. He will be the one giving words of encouragement, doing his small part to uplift his classmate, and without realizing it, making the world a better place. I have found myself almost in tears at the compassion and empathy Johnny shows towards others. He is a fine example of the type of young man I want living in my town.

The other student is Sadie Hammond, selected for the month of September.  Hughes said, “Sadie gives 100% every day, all day. She doesn’t always make the top grade in the class, but she always makes the top grade for Sadie. I’ve said many times to my students, I’m not asking for a grade of 100% or a+. I’m asking for your best. If you’ve given me your best, then y0u’ve given me all you’ve got. That’s what Sadie does, she gives me all she’s got. Even in tears, she continues to push herself and doesn’t give up.” Hughes noted the nomination was submitted by instructor Intha Fields. Fields noted, “After 18 years of teaching, I can only say this about a few students. Sadie is one of those students. She always chooses to see the positive side of things. The growth that Sadie has made within the short nine weeks we’ve been in school is tremendous. I know this for a fact, because I was Sadie’s teacher last year in fifth grade as well.  It is always amazing how a good attitude and persistence can help one reach one’s goals.”

Each month outstanding students from each school in the parish are named Student of the Month.  They are honored at the next School Board meeting.  Local VFW Post and Auxiliary 7287 present the students with a certificate and gift card to Dairy Queen.

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