National 4-H Week

Local 4-H clubs in the parish observed National 4-H Week.  Several students reported on their 4-H experiences to the School Board.  The state 4-H President was in town also.

At the School Board meeting several students told what impact the program had on their lives.  Jayden Scott from Red River High spoke first. Scott said, “4-H showed me how to be a leader and how to communicate with children better and how to keep my cool. It has helped me blossom as a person.”

Aurora Phillips spoke next. Phillips said, “I got to learn what it is like to see people how they react with others outside of their home environment.  It inspired me to go further.  One thing is it really helped me come out of my shell and try new things.”

Trey Simmons is a fifth grader at Red River Elementary.  He told of being a member of the Shooting Sports team.  Simmons said, “It teaches me safety and responsibility.  This was my first year to be a counselor at camp so I took the outdoor track.”

And Layton Kerby spoke of her experience in 4-H.  Kerby said, “I learned time management at summer camp.  Also how to comfort homesick campers and how to be a leader. I got out of my comfort zone and tried new things.  And I learned how to be an outstanding student and daughter.”

The state 4-H President is Tay Moore of Ringgold.  He appeared before the School Board and earlier visited the Town Council and meeting of the Police Jury.  Moore’s message was the impact 4-H had made in his life.  He recounted how his local experience lead to holding the first Relay for Life in Ringgold and it raised over $10,000.  Moore said, “I have had the opportunity to travel across the country as state president including stops in Atlanta, GA and Washington, DC.”

After the school board meeting 4-H local agent Jacque Fontenot posted, “I am so proud of these 4-h students for stepping out of their comfort zone and speaking about what 4-h means to them at the school board meeting last night. I wish the school board members could meet all of my 4-hers. I know they would be as impressed as I am!  Thank you, Tay, for being in Coushatta with us!

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