Your Influence

This was a week of inspiring events in Red River Parish.  On Tuesday evening the Women’s Ministry of First Baptist Church presented a family event with Pam Tebow, mother of professional football player Tim Tebow.

Tebow began her message with the statement that you influence people and you could positively impact a life.  She said, “You have the power to influence other people, so you need to be careful how you live your life.”

The story of the Tebow family unfolded with Pam and her husband raising a family while beginning their ministry.  She referred to the “faith muscle” and said it needs to be exercised so it will grow.

Early in her story of faith, Tebow experienced a difficult pregnancy with Tim.  She related her decision, against advice of many, not to abort and to carry Tim to term.  “We trusted God and he preserved that little boy in my womb,” she said.

A great example of the influence she had on her family was reading, telling stories, and making up Christian songs to sing to her children.  Tebow said as a grandmother she now sings to her grandchildren and “they sing along because their parents have sung the same songs they learned from me.”

Tebow gave other examples of the role faith plays in her family.  And she advised her audience, “Focus on eternity.  Do the things that really matter.  Let your light shine.  We all need to do something that impacts people no matter what is our season of life.”

Her remarks concluded with Tebow commenting, “The gospel is a most important influence.  Share your love and faith in Jesus.”

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