Wild Game at Liberty

By Jennifer Breedlove

Liberty Baptist Church’s 3rd Annual Wild Game Dinner was a wonderful success.  We had great music by the Liberty Praise Team, a touching message by Mike and Peggy Pedroza, and amazing food ranging from wild Alaskan bear, local venison, and wild nilgai from South Texas.

Mike and Peggy Pedroza shared their testimony that was a story of plans changing rapidly and putting all of your faith in God to get you through the valleys of your life.  Mrs. Peggy has even written a book to share her testimony and shared a few books with those in attendance. 

In WALKING ON HIGH HEELS, Pedroza blends her life-threatening story and how the wisdom of the Bible brought her back from sudden tragedy to living beyond a devastating medical diagnosis. With her combination of humor, resolve and the persistence to overcome a life of paralysis, she opens up her life behind closed doors to give the reader insight on how acting on Biblical principles can and will bring you out of any situation to stand on His high hill. This book can be purchased on Amazon and many of our members are already saying its one that can’t be missed.

The photo shows Jerry Hester, Head of the Wild Game Dinner, Peggy Pedroza, Mike Pedroza, and Bro. Harry Bamburg.

If you missed the Wild Game Dinner, our 5th Sunday Singing will be this Sunday, September 30th. We will have Davis Springs Southern Methodist join us for music and fellowship at 6:00 p.m. followed by a pot luck dinner. 

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