Triple Hook Men’s’ Event

First Baptist Church Coushatta’s Men’s Ministry presented Triple Hook last Tuesday.  Visitors crowded into the Family Life Center to enjoy a catfish and chicken meal catered by Shaver’s Catering.  And they heard inspiring messages from three outstanding speakers.

First up was Tyler Mitchell. He told the gathering he was from Florien however he has recently married and settled down in Coushatta. Mitchell made it to the top 40 on American Idol on a journey that took him to Shreveport to audition, then to Atlanta, New York, and Hawaii.  Mitchell said Bro. Nathan Davis called from First Baptist, “I told him I would be glad to do it.”

Mitchell sang and played, “my two favorite worship songs.”  First was To The Table by Zach Williams and Chris Tomlin.  Mitchell concluded with How Great is Our God, a song released by Chris Tomlin in 2004.

Bro. Davis interviewed Mitchell about his future.  Mitchell said, “I can see me leading worship.  I would love to do that.”

Next on the program was Justin Coffey.  He said he got into training dogs and founded Extreme Obedience.  He was on stage with his 4-legged buddy Lazarus.  Coffey said, “Lazarus walks himself.” 

Coffey describes himself as “a world-champion dog trainer that shares Jesus.  I try to see the world through the eyes of a dog.”  Coffey called young Reagan Davis to the stage to teach him to be a dog trainer.  He gave Davis a duck call and showed him how to train Lazarus.  Coffey’s lesson for parents, “Have a short lease.  Show them you know they can be trusted to get off the leash.”

Another lesson from Coffey is, “Keep your eye on the master.  Listen to the Master’s voice.  Concentrate and avoid distractions.”  He demonstrated these principals with Lazarus going through the hall, out one door and in another, all the time concentrating on Coffey’s voice. He said, “If you take your eye off the Master and focus on sin, sin gets bigger.  Throw off the temptation and keep your eyes on Jesus.”

Third participant was Dr. Gevan Spinney.  He currently is pastor at Haughton First Baptist Church.  He spoke of the challenge of God’s word. 

Spinney spoke of the outdoors and the great experience of sharing outdoor experiences with your boys. He said, “In the outdoors there are things I will experience with my boys and there are things I want them to hear from me.  Communicate with the next generation.  They won’t get that anywhere else.”

Spinney told of Simon of Cyrene, the man forced to carry the cross of Jesus on the way to the crucifixion. Spinney said, “Simon had a burden forced upon him.  He was not expecting it.  But his life was changed by the experience.  He became a believer and his two boys who were along with him that day.  They became believers also.”  Coffee added, “We have a big responsibility for those who are watching us in this life. What have we done with our cross?”

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