Blood Supply Critically Low in Our Area

Lifeshare Blood Center is holding blood drives in Red River and other northwest Louisiana parishes this summer.  Recently an official of Lifeshare told the School Board they are scheduling drives at local schools as part of their efforts to alleviate the situation.

Spokesperson Philip Maxfield said, “Lifeshare’s goal is 1,800 units of blood per month for area hospitals.  Donations are down during the summer months and there is a national blood shortage. In addition we helped by sending blood to El Paso and Dayton following recent shootings there.  A couple of months ago, we had to bring in blood when our supply ran low. We went as far as Hawaii to pick up blood for Northwest Louisiana.”

Maxfield said local drives in Red River Parish help with the blood shortage.  He added, “The main reason people are not allowed to donate is low iron level.”  He urged everyone to donate when there is a community blood drive.

To encourage more people to donate now, Lifeshare is offering concert tickets.  Here is their post:

“Did someone say tickets to the Chris Stapleton concert?  All you have to do is donate blood from August 19-23 and you’ll be entered for a chance to win! The winner will receive a pair of tickets to the concert on Saturday, August 24 at 7 PM at the CenturyLink Center.”

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