Ice Cream Welcomes Students Back

The Annual Ice Cream Social was a big success at Riverdale last week.  It was a well-attended event held through the school.

Members of the cheer squad greeted parents and students as they filed into the gym.  They were entertained and informed about the coming school year, how to pick up schedules and meet their teachers, get spirit shirts, and other vital back to school info.

Then everyone enjoyed homemade ice cream and grilled hamburgers.  Matt Huddleston and Clement Jones from Hudd’s Catering prepared delicious burgers in sweltering 100 degree temperatures.  They found the only shade tree large enough to park their grill trailer under.  Matt said the shade helped a little.

Dr. Robert Peters formally introduced new members of the faculty and staff.  Included were new Football coach Guy Hathorn and new Boys Basketball coach Ty Hester.  Peters told the crowd, “I want to thank the teachers who worked really hard preparing their classroom to welcome your kids back to school.  Teachers I want to thank you for caring.”

The varsity cheerleaders performed with new routines learned this summer at cheer camp.  The Little Rebels cheerers took their turn.  They also had participated in cheer camp this summer.  You will see more of their new cheers at sporting events this fall.

Parents and students checked out their fall class schedules.  Teachers were waiting in their classrooms to welcome them. Everything was set for the children to go back to class the next day.

Then there was the ice cream.  Several delicious flavors of homemade ice cream was available.  And there was some of the best you can buy also.  For supper there were the burgers Hudd’s had prepared with home grown sliced tomatoes and all the trimmings.

The event was an opportunity for families and students to reform acquaintances they had left when school dismissed in May.  Then last Friday everyone reported for class and another year of learning and making lifetime memories began.

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