Head Start to Begin Soon

The Head Start program at Red River Elementary is expected to begin soon, however an exact date awaits the completion of all licensing requirements.  Dr. Diane Newton heads federal programs for the school board. She gave an update at the August board meeting.

Dr. Newton did not have an exact start date, but she expects it will be soon. “All that remains is to receive the license for our center,” said Dr. Newton.  She added, “We cannot take any students until then because at present we are not a licensed daycare center.”

The staff has been hired. Dr. Newton reported, “We hired great teachers and a qualified staff.  All of the staff of the Pine Belt Head Start program have come over.” Board member Valerie Cox represents the district where the former Head Start program was located.  Cox said, “I commend Dr. Newton and her staff for hiring all of the former (Head Start) employees.  I had a huge concern about that happening.”

There is still some training to be accomplished.  Dr. Newton said, “The guiding principles of Head Start are different from our traditional school system.”

Superintendent Hughes said, “I am excited because now we can offer students an enhanced educational process from age three through the 12th grade.”

Meanwhile, applications for 3 and 4 year old kids in Head Start are still be taken.  Call Red River Elementary School for more information.

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