New Tourism Commission Members Approved

The Red River Parish Police Jury gave approval to nominating four individuals to the Red River Tourist Commission.  This was at the request of Coushatta Mayor Johnny Cox.

Cox made two requests of the jury.  The first was to name people to the commission who would actually show up for meetings. Cox said, “We are asking for new appointments so we can at least conduct business.  We need people who will serve in existing seats on the commission so we will be able to get a quorum and so we can conduct business.”

The Commission is supposed to meet quarterly.  Mayor Cox said, “We haven’t had a meeting for a long time.  We cannot conduct business for lack of a quorum.”

The Police Jury confirmed the nomination of Peter Drake, Casey Wood, Miyoshi Sullivan an Nicole Eason to the board.

Cox’s second request was for the Police Jury to approve reducing the number of members of the Commission from 11 to 7.  He said that would make it possible to get a quorum at meetings.  There was discussion concerning the present commission make-up and the local entities they represent.  The consensus was that there would have to be some adjustment to that aspect.

A reduction in board size would take an act of the Legislature.  Cox said, “Representative Kenny Cox has drawn up the legislation and it is ready to go as soon as the Police Jury gives approval.”  The Police Jury approved the request.

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