Blessing the Classrooms

One man had an inspiration. He wanted to bless every classroom in Red River Parish.  And along the way he wanted to give a blessing to the teachers, support workers, cafeteria workers and everyone else at school

He accomplished his goal only hours before excited students rushed in beginning Thursday morning.

He is Reverend Curtis Carroll of First Methodist and Wesley Chapel churches.  Carroll started out at Red River Elementary Monday afternoon. Everyone he met shared a few minutes in prayer and Carroll said all thanked him when it was time to leave. 

On Wednesday morning Carroll traveled to East Point and met with the staff of Riverdale Academy.  He took a guided tour of the facility after meeting with Principal Dr. Robert Peters and the entire teaching staff in the library.  All welcomed his prayers and blessings.

Rev. Carroll was busy Wednesday afternoon as he went to all of the classrooms at both Red River Junior High and Red River High.  Again Carroll spent time with teachers, support staff and workers.

He reported afterwards to The Journal that his mission had been accomplished.  Both entire school systems, public and private, received a blessing.  He called it a “hedge of protection” around the workers and incoming students.  Rev. Carroll is planning on doing it again next year and he hopes next time other clergy and lay people will turn out to join him.

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