School Begins Again

School children are enjoying the last few hours of their summer break.  It is time for back to the books for the public schools on Thursday. Riverdale students return on August 9th.

These last few days have been busy with teachers and support staff putting the final touches on classrooms, building bulletin boards, putting up decorations, waxing floors, going through professional development seminars and everything else that goes into beginning another school year.

Public schools held open house last night (August 6th) at all campuses.  New students have been registering all summer.  Recently Red River High hosted 66 students and their parents for Freshman Connection, a half-day of orientation for incoming Freshmen.

A final note:  School Busses will be out at the crack of dawn beginning Thursday morning.  Please be aware of children loading and unloading. Get in the habit now of putting away the cell phone and slowing down in school zones.  Let’s keep out kids safe this year.

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