Bulldogs Getting Ready

The Red River Bulldogs are making preparations for the upcoming season.  They begin with a scrimmage at Bossier High in just a couple of weeks.  First home game will be against rival Mansfield High on September 20th

Coach John Bachman and his staff daily work on just about every aspect of the game.  The Journal sat in on a practice last week and observed the players and the way they reacted to instructions from their coaches. Red River has a young team this year however they have some great talent.

Every set-up is a walk through followed by full speed execution.  Coaches work with players in every position to hone each one’s skill in carrying out the assigned task.  All this is 90 plus degree sunshine.  There is no shade in Strother Stadium.

Coach Bachman set the tone. He asked one player, “What is the answer?” The response was not clear, so coach asked again, “What is the answer?” Bachman said, “The answer is always ‘no’.  You say no, no excuses, none.”  He instructed that player in the art of taking responsibility for how he executed the play, and if he needed improvement there was no excuse for the way he did it.

Bachman acknowledge the Bulldogs youth.  “We’re really a JV team but if we play as a team we can beat just about any team.” Bulldog fans got a glimpse of the young talent last season with several freshmen and sophomores having to step up in key positions.  It looks like they will be more experienced, better trained, and back this coming season.

The Journal watched defensive drills, specifically defending the pass play.  Each defender had an assigned role that was practiced over and over. Defensive Coordinator Rodney Bagwell was in charge. He patiently went over each move time and again until the players had it done correctly.

Favorite quotes of the day came from Bagwell.  His favorites were, “That’s the way to do it!” or “You weren’t ready so do it again,” which was quickly followed with, “What are you waiting for?”

The fans are waiting for the first game of the season.  The Bulldogs kick things off on the road at Haughton.  Football is underway at Red River every day.  They are getting ready for the Bucks on September 6th.

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