Welcome Incoming Freshmen

Red River High School welcomed the class of 2023 in style Wednesday morning.  Freshmen and their parents came early to the school to find out what to expect in high school life.  They filled the bleachers on one side of the gym for a welcome from Principal JC Dickey.

Dickey outlined the basic rules and gave students the basics they could expect this year.  He noted some differences between middle school and high school.  The most important he pointed out was the path to graduation.  Dickey said, “You have a lot more freedom and a lot more responsibility (in high school).  And there are a lot more expectations as well.”

Dickey added, “It’s not as easy to move up.  You have to earn 24 credits to graduate.  There are classes the state says you have to take and pass to make it to the next level.” Then the Principal reminded students and parents about state testing and how important it is to pass the state LEAP tests each year, beginning with their Freshman year.

On the fun side, Dickey presented two students.  One was dressed in proper school uniform and the other, not so much.  Then Dickey introduced Bulldog Spirit Shirts and athletic spirit shirts.  He said they could be worn in place of regular school uniforms any day of the week.

He sent the students out to tour the campuses at Springville and the main campus.  There was more information for the parents and a few prizes were given out.  Top prize was season passes to all Bulldog home sporting events.  Winners of the passes were Sheraton Cox and Wanda Mosley. Assistant Principal Norman Picou took their photos for the passes.

Dickey told The Journal that the freshman class would number around 100 students.  And a few more will be added as the school year gets underway.

After the event, the high school posted on Facebook:  Great day at Freshman Connection we had 66 of our new RRHS class show up and spend the day with us.  Thank you, parents, for coming and helping us get your freshman ready for the high school.  Thank you, Freshman Connector upper classman students, for leading the groups and thank you staff and faculty for coming and planning this event.  Looking forward to a great year.

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