ETC… for Wednesday July 17th

The summer heat is returning.  We got a brief reprise thanks to rainfall this weekend as Tropical Storm Barry moved through northwest Louisiana.  We were spared the high winds and monsoon rainfall that hit other areas of Louisiana and surrounding states.

Friday night is the first ever Parents Night Out at First Methodist Church on Front Street.  The church is offering to entertain the kids from 5:30 until 9:30 while parents get a night off to themselves.  Sign up by calling the church or going to their Facebook page.

There was a statewide burn ban in place issued by the State Fire Marshall.  It was resended on July 16thand the word is being passed around that the burn ban is no longer in effect.

Parents, if the kids are crying that there is nothing to do, take them to the Library Thursday afternoon at 2:00.  There will be crafts or games or maybe some of both on Thursday.

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