The Road to Cheer Camp

For the Riverdale Academy, the journey to cheerleader camp this summer made a stop at Rivertown Market last Saturday.  Members of the cheer team and their parents conducted a fundraiser catfish plate and bake sale.

The head chef was Ray Parker.  With his assistants they prepared about 200 plates that were ordered in advance.  And they cooked enough fish for another 100 plates to sell to folks who walked up.

One of the Cheer Captains at Riverdale is Tinley Ogden.  She told The Journal that they are raising funds to attend the Cheer camp July 20th through 22ndat Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, Texas.  Ogden said,  “We want to learn a lot of new dances to perform at games.  And we want to grow the Riverdale Cheer Squad.  We will become closer friends and be like a family before school begins.”

Ogden said, “Last year an instructor came to Riverdale to teach cheer.  This year we are going to camp as a team.  We will learn to lead by example.”

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