First Cash Contest Winner

Who Wants Some More Money??? The Journal is giving away money! We’re giving away $100 dollars a week in July.  Our first winner is Sharon Bradley of Coushatta.  Congratulations Sharon.

We’re getting ready for the 2019 football season broadcasts of both Red River High and Riverdale Academy games.  And we have made it easier than ever for you to get the broadcasts.

Sharon Bradley signed up and is our first winner of $100.  Now it is your turn to sign up.   Just give us your cell number.  It is that easy. 

CLICK HERE – > Sports Signup

Fun?  You bet.  The Journal is giving away $100 a week through August 2nd.  You only have to register once to be in the drawing every week. So sign up today!

Each time your favorite team plays, you will get a text message shortly before the game begins with a link to the broadcast.  Just click on it and listen. 

Our first winner is Sharon Bradley of Coushatta.  We will announce the next winner on Friday, July 12th.  If you are not signed up then do it today.

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