Town Hall in Coushatta

Louisiana’s 4thDistrict Congressman, Mike Johnson held a Town Hall meeting at the Red River Parish Library on Tuesday afternoon.  Johnson has held 52 other town halls in his district, and he says it is to keep the vision of America’s founding fathers that Representatives should stay close to the people.

Johnson has promoted civility in Congress since he first was elected.  On Tuesday he expressed dissatisfaction with the state of affairs in the Capitol.  “It is hard to follow what is happening in DC because of the partisan bickering,” said Johnson, “It is increasingly difficult to get people to get along.”

The Congressman discussed many pending issues and the difficulties of getting things done.  One reason cited is that some representatives refuse to cross over the center aisle in the House.  He said, “It is because they don’t want to talk to members of the other party.”

What would he rather see? Johnson said, “We have to have the people come together and have a dialog.  Have to arm wrestle over finding a consensus.”  Johnson added, “Fewer and fewer people understand that principal. We have to have that for our form of government to work.”

Johnson thanked the other members of the Louisiana delegation for working together in the House and Senate to get bill that would benefit Louisiana and the United States. He said, “Our delegation works together like a team.  We watch each other’s back.  Louisiana’s congressmen are in strategic committee positions and we all work together really well.”

There were citizens and politicians from the town and parish in attendance at the Town Hall.  Some raised questions about various issues. And there were some requests for Johnson’s office to help with their particular situation.

The Journal will report on the issues as Congressman Johnson sees them in Friday’s edition.  And some of the strengths of things to come will also be covered.

Photo Credit Barry McCoy

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