A Dozen Celebrations

Last Friday a dozen residents of the local nursing home were given a birthday party by several ladies from Martin Baptist Church.  It was the monthly birthday celebration at Green Meadow Heaven.

The June celebration was “extra special” because Mary Tom Cowser brought homemade cakes.  There were chocolate chip, blueberry, and traditional pound cakes plus a great big strawberry cake with strawberry icing.

All of the residents gathered in the dining room at mid-afternoon for the scrumptious treat. The homemade cakes were a hit. Residents celebrating were Odis Philyaw, Cornelius Tarry, Henry Keith, Merrell McCoy, Lealon McCaslin, John Richmond, Lucille Swayze, Lorine Rushing, Susie Bates, Dwight Sykes, Sandra Hull and Melba Walker.

Green Meadow Haven invites anyone who would like to visit next month to come on down.  It will be the last Friday in the month or July 24that 1:30 pm.  The birthday party will be hosted in July by Superior Hospice.

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