Springville Gym and Martin School To Be Sold

Two school sites that are in need of repair will be offered for sale by the Red River Parish School Board. The sites are not presently used by the school system and one has been vacant for over 20 years.  The Building and Grounds Committee discussed those two sites.

Board Finance Director, David Jones presented the condition of the sites to the board Monday night. Jones said of the Springville Gym, “It needs a lot of attention.  The roof on the old gym, in the back area, is leaking into back rooms.  We got a quote of a quarter million dollars to shore up the back side and put a new roof on the gym.  I don’t know what our long term needs are for that gym with all the new construction we are doing.”

“I want to get the board’s thoughts,” said Jones.  He said they are working to get a current appraisal.  Quotes received to tear the gym down are in the 25 to 60 thousand dollar range.  And Jones said they would have to get rid of asbestos first.

Board member Cleve Miller said the Springville Gym has sentiment in the community.  Miller said, “I would like to see us put it out there and see if there is anyone willing to purchase it for a community center.  For the community’s sake we should give them an opportunity.”

The committee recommended that an appraisal be obtained, and the property advertised for sale.

As for the Martin School site, Jones said, “The complex is 14.9 acres and the old high school building is dilapidated.  You can see the sky through the second story windows.” Tearing it down would not be cheap. Jones shocked the board when he said, “We had an asbestos guy tell us it would cost $219,000 to get rid of the asbestos. And 10 to 12 years ago we had it appraised at about $85,000.”  Jones described the old gym and cafeteria at Martin as “pretty well gone, but surprisingly the old gym floor is in good shape.”

There was talk of someone being interested in a long term lease with option to buy the Martin site. And there was discussion of the board’s liability as far as the asbestos situation is concerned.

The committee recommended that an appraisal be obtained, and the Martin site be offered for sale.  During the regular board meeting the committee’s recommendations were adopted.

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