State Finalist Volunteer of the Year

Mrs. Pamela Bamberg has been selected as one of the State Finalists for the Associated Professional Educators of Louisiana’s (A+PEL) School Volunteer of the Year Award! She was nominated for her outstanding volunteer efforts by Principal Shenell Deville of Red River Elementary School.  

A+PEL received over 100 nominations this year, and have selected Mrs. Bamberg as one of 12 finalists. Mrs. Bamberg was awarded at a luncheon on June 6, 2019 at The Baton Rouge Marriot. Mrs. Bamberg is pictured receiving a plaque, along with a basket of Louisiana treats.  She and Principal Deville both attended the luncheon, and the following nomination submitted by the Principal Deville was shared with the audience. 

Mrs. Bamberg is a lifelong residence of the town of Coushatta and everyone knows of her many artistic gifts and talents in the community. She also has a daughter who attends Red River Elementary School, and this is her first year serving as our PAW Parents’ President.

Mrs. Bamberg contributes her time and talents as PAW Parent President, coordinating fundraisers, paintings and drawings for special events and bulletin boards, and as a chaperone.

Her coordination of major fundraisers like ($18,000+) helps to buy items as incentives for students who make academic progress. The monthly bulletin boards she designs are eye catching, with school related holiday themes. She also involves the PAW parents’ organization with gifting our staff of the month, which builds more positive school-family relationships across all grade levels.

Mrs. Bamberg contributes her time to other schools, churches, and businesses. Along with her time, she also purchases and donates most her supplies for the art work she creates during festive town activities such as the Fall Fair and Christmas Parade.

Mrs. Bamberg’s involvement is much needed to help increase parent participation in other activities. Also, her artistic abilities keeps our hallways and some classrooms beautified.

Submitted by Shenell R. Deville, Principal, Red River Elementary School

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