Safety Around Electricity

Cleco is reminding customers about the importance of electrical safety during the hot summer months.  The utility is urging its customers and employees can use to keep themselves and their families safe.  John Melancon, Cleco general manager of corporate safety said, “Electricity provides many great things, but it must always be respected.”

Cleco reminds its customers of the following electrical safety tips:

  • Have electrical work performed by qualified electricians.
  • Plug one appliance into a wall outlet at a time. Unplug small appliances when not in use.
  • Avoid placing cords in places where they can be damaged or pinched by furniture, such as under rugs or across doorways.
  • Minimize the use of extension cords, and never plug two extension cords together.
  • Use light bulbs that correspond with the recommended wattage on the fixture. Check the sticker on the fixture to determine the maximum wattage bulb to use.
  • Inspect all electrical appliances, such as vacuum cleaners, before using them to ensure they’re properly grounded.
  • Cords that are frayed or damaged should be removed and replaced immediately, not spliced or taped.
  • Remember that water and electricity do not mix.

For additional safety tips, visit Cleco’s website at and Facebook page at 

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