ETC… for Friday, June 14th

Northwestern State University’s Department of English, Foreign Languages and Cultural Studies will host a Summer Writing Camp for children ages 10-18 June 17-21 from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. each day. The cost is $100, which includes supplies and snacks.  The camp will include a reading and visit to the home of NSU President Dr. Chris Maggio.

It is time to sign up for Mealtime Magic, one of the 4-H Summer Workshop series.  Learn to make some great dishes, including some that you can enter into the fair in the fall. The session is July 16thfrom 9:00 until 11:00 am.  It is free for 4-H members and $5.00 for other students. Call 932-4342.

Monday at the Red River Parish Library the zoo comes to you!  Bring the children at 2:00 pm and meet, pet, and feed the animals.  Discovery Jubilee Zoo will be the program and it is always one of the most popular events in the Library’s summer series.

Who likes ice cream?  Everyone.  Dairy Queen has just announced two new blizzards for summer made with Reese’s Pieces.  And are they good.  Also a whole like-up of summer time blizzards.  I like the cheesecake and summer berries best. Which is your favorite?

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