Colorful and More

Great exercise and a tremendous ending is the description of this year’s Color Run put on by Riverdale Academy.  It was held at Grand Bayou last Saturday.  When it was over runners and organizers all needed a trip through the showers.

Organizers of the event said about sixty runners took part.  The strongest runner was Reagan Huddleston.  He was first out of the gate, first to get “colorized,” and the first across the finish line.  Huddleston’s time was 27:46 for the 3.1 mile course.

The route was 3.1 miles and made several loops around the resort property.  First adult to finish the race was Amanda Cason.  She ran it in 46:07.

Some of the participants ran, some jogged, and some just walked.  The object was to have fun and several adults counted the same loop twice or just sat out the second half.  But all got plenty of color!  Everyone got a medal.  And the first place youth and first place adult received a special medal memorializing the race.

Runners gathered at the pavilion at Grand Bayou under overcast skies with a threat of rain. There may have been a few sprinkles, but nothing to dampen the festive spirit.

This run had six color stations.  Volunteers met runners who passed each station with squirts of colored powder.  So by the end of the race participants and their clothes were sporting red and blue, yellow and green, purple and more.

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