Scholarship Fish Plate Sale

Thirteen scholarships this year were not enough, so the Black History Scholarship Committee is holding more fundraisers to give even more scholarships this spring.  On Wednesday, they held a fish plate sale, the latest stage of their fundraising activity.

The fish plates were packed with a generous portion of fried catfish plus all the fixings and a big hunk of cake for desert.  The ladies of the committee fried the fish, stuffed the plates, and sent them out to calm raging appetites all over town.

Committee spokesperson Phyllis Henderson told The Journal, “We want to help underprivileged children with college expenses.”  On Tuesday night thirteen scholarships of $500 each were presented at Red River High. “There have been many more applicants this year,” added Henderson, “so we’re having fundraisers to raise more money to help more students.”

Henderson said the Black History Scholarship Committee has awarded $500 scholarships for the past ten years.  She said, “The students must attend college.  The money goes directly to the school, not to the individual student.”

And Henderson is hopeful that the fish plate sale Wednesday and other fundraisers will allow them to fund five to ten additional scholarships this spring.  “We’ll have to do more fundraisers,” said Henderson.

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  1. Thank you ladies and we appreciate all that you have done to help students in Red River Parish. May God continue to bless each of you.

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