The Trees Tell All

The children’s musical The Tale of Three Trees was performed by the youth of Martin Baptist Church on April 28th before a packed house of parents and friends. There was laughter, singing and merriment with a message.  The older children took the major singing and acting parts but even the smallest were included as Toy Soldiers.

All of the children learned their lines and songs.  Soloists sang with a loud voice.  Imagine a stage crowded with trees dancing, twirling, and swaying together with precision. The show went off almost without a hitch.  Very little coaching was needed.  And all of the children looked like they were having a great time.

Ally Kate Hillman did an outstanding job as the Woody (the Woodcutter).  She belted out “How much wood would a woodcutter cut if a woodcutter could cut wood?” with precision.  Just try saying that fast three times!  Ally Kate also did an outstanding job on “Let Me Live to Serve You, Lord.”

The line of the show was stolen by Jackson Hillman. He played the stump, and Jackson proclaimed, “I want to go out on a limb and become a tree house.”

In all about 25 kids took part.  They were supported by the Director Teresa King.  She thanked a long list of parents and volunteers who made the production possible.  King said, “I could not have possibly done this by myself.”  King added, “Words cannot express the joy and excitement that I feel watching our little ones perform.”

She gave thanks to her staff of helpers in the production and added, ”Thanks to all the parents for letting us borrow our children for this little adventure. And thank you to our church family for all of your prayers and support as we strive to teach our children to be worshipers.”

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