Table Manners for Elementary Students

The school year is quickly coming to a close.  There will be celebrations at Red River Elementary for each class.  By the time children reach the end of fifth grade a grand celebration is in order.  Preparations for that event are well underway.

From the LSU Ag Extension office comes word that Mrs. Diane Uzzle, our Parish Chair and also our FCS SnapEd Agent visited the fifth graders at Red River Elementary.  She was joined by Jacque Fontenot, the 4-H agent.  They taught them table etiquette in preparation for their end of elementary luncheon in May.

They participated in a skit about good table manners and also practiced how to set a table.  At last year’s celebration the fifth graders came dressed in their best attire.  There were ties and coats worn by the boys and many of the young ladies wore lace and pearls.

We were assured that the future has bright possibilities just watching the boys hold the chairs for the girls, everyone eating with the correct fork, and all children waiting to enjoy their meal until all at the table had been through the serving line.

The Journal wishes good luck and congratulations to the Elementary School graduates of 2019.  Now it is on to Junior High.

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