It’s Soapbox Time

Are we really afraid of our shadow?  It is time to say something that is probably politically incorrect.  At least it may ruffle a few feathers.  Or it may make some people think.

What’s up with running and hiding in the corner every time there is a forecast that bad weather is coming? In south Louisiana yesterday they closed schools in several parishes because bad weather is forecast. 

Then Thursday morning The Journal found this on the Commissioner of Administration’s website:  “STATE OFFICES CLOSING THURS, APRIL 18.

“Due to tomorrow’s possibility of extreme weather, Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne is announcing that all state offices will close Thursday, April 18, 2019.

“All agency heads are responsible for determining those essential personnel who should remain on duty or those who should report to alternate work sites if necessary. State officials continue to monitor conditions throughout the state, and this announcement may be updated.”

Shutdown the whole state?

Last winter in our area (and many others) schools were closed because there might be a possibility of sleet or snow.  Lots of other “better safe than sorry” scenarios were acted out.

Sometimes the weather was severe, but many more times it was not.  If you listen to TV weather casts a storm is going to get us any minute.  They even call themselves “storm chasers” and “storm trackers” with “thunder trucks” and so forth.  Are they seeking to inform or seeking to attract an audience?

And officials at all levels are afraid that someone would file a lawsuit if something happened.  After all their constituents would rather take time off than work any day.  They are already looking for an excuse not to work or get out of something they are responsible for.  For example see the recent story in The Journal concerning the severe problem the school system is having with employees who take excessive days off.

And it is becoming a regular habit to duck and cover when anything bad might happen.  You could be struck by a car crossing the street, so I guess we all need to stay on our own side!

Realistically we need to be safe and we need to keep school kids and others safe.  But we also need to stop falling for the exaggerated weather predictions.  It is time to sort out what is real from what is meant to “sell newspapers”.

Whether your reaction to this article is “yeah, spot on!” or “you don’t want the kids to be safe?” at least it made you think.  If you have a different opinion spell out your thoughts and send it to The Journal.  Responsible replies (meaning you include your name and phone number) will be included in a future issue.   Send it to

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