Very Realistic and Very Serious

Students of Red River and Riverdale were witnesses last Friday to a mock disaster that struck four of their fellow students.  Louisiana State Police put on an extremely realistic, yet mock car crash in the high school parking lot.

Students Seth Wimberly, Madison Castello, Tyrek Beavers and Alexis Jones played the roles of victims of the two vehicle head on collision.  Faculty, staff and local first responders became players in the other roles of the drama.

As the event began, students were shocked to see the two smoking vehicles piled together.  A student had been thrown through the windshield of one vehicle and was lying motionless across the dash and hood. Another was screaming in pain from injuries.  The driver of one vehicle opened the door and staggered out as beer cans fell out of his lap. The driver of the other vehicle asked him “Why?”

A few moments later that driver was administered a field sobriety test by a state trooper.  He was then handcuffed and loaded into the back seat of the troopers patrol vehicle.  Minutes after the student was walked down the jail aisle to a cell.

The fire department brought the Jaws of Life to cut the door away from one of the vehicles to free the trapped passenger who was screaming from her injuries.  She was loaded in an ambulance and transported to the emergency room.  Meanwhile, the coroner in a hearse drove up and pronounced the young lady who had gone through the windshield dead at the scene.  There was a noticeable silence when the girl was lifted from the car by firefighters, a tag tied around her big toe, zipped up in a black body bag, and loaded into the hearse.

In the last scene of this tragedy, two state troopers call on the mother of the deceased girl.  Mom couldn’t believe what they were telling her. “I just talked to her and was texting her a few minutes ago,” said the mother.  Then she broke down as the tragic news set in.

Several hundred Seniors and Juniors witnessed the mock crash play out.  Most were silent.  State police and school officials summed it all up with the hope that the students had learned a lesson about driving while under the influence of alcohol or other substances.  The event was staged at the beginning of prom season in hopes that teens would think and not drive impaired.

After the mock crash, Principal JC Dickey posted, “What an amazing event at Red River High today. I would like to thank the State Troopers, University Health, our local fire, EMS, and first responders for their help in making this Sudden Impact Event happen.

“I really hope our seniors, juniors, and sophomores learned a very valuable lesson on the dangers of driving under the influence and being distracted drivers. It only takes one bad choice to change the lives of so many.

“Also thanks to our amazing students and parents on their acting jobs and our other students for being on their best behavior watching and listening respectfully. Also thank Riverdale for coming out and being part of this great educational event.”

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