Train Derails in North Red River Parish

A Union Pacific freight train was in a collision with a truck Tuesday morning and many cars left the track.  At least one person was injured.  A spokesperson for Union Pacific says efforts are underway to clean up the overturned cars.

Kristen South with UP Corporate Communications told The Journal, “Around 10:30 a.m., a southbound Union Pacific train struck a loaded salt water tanker truck that was traversing a private railroad crossing near Highway One, just before the Caddo County line. The train crew was not hurt, but the driver was taken to the hospital. That person’s current condition and name will be released by the Red River Sheriff’s Dept. 
“As a result of the collision, 20 rail cars and three locomotives derailed. Some diesel fuel from a derailed locomotive spilled onto the ground. The leak has been stopped, and Union Pacific is working on site remediation and clean up.”

Photos courtesy: Shanahan Photography

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