Father-Daughter Dance

Friday night the gym was decorated in an “Under the Sea” theme.  The lighting was just right.  The Hors d’oeuvres were on the buffet.  The music was playing.  And young ladies who attend Red River Elementary, accompanied by their fathers, filed into the school gym.

Principal Shenell Deville welcomed everyone.  She also served punch and goodies.  Deville was very excited at the turnout.  Beforehand she said they had pre-sold about 100 tickets.  After she said there were far more than that who came, plus their fathers and many other family members.

The young ladies enjoyed a dance with their father.  Many shared more than one trip around the dance floor.  They also enjoyed running and laughing.  And they had a grand old time removing the balloons from the fish-net decorations in the gym, then chasing them around and batting them back and forth.

A photographer was there. The students and their dads posed in front of balloons and a seahorse on the gym wall.  Event photos were $5.00, and the pictures were processed and mounted in frames on the spot.

Late Friday afternoon you could tell that the anticipation was building.  Many pictures were posted to social media showing the fathers and daughters dressed in their finest evening wear.  There was a lot of enthusiasm for the first-ever Father-Daughter Dance at the elementary school.  But judging from the participation, this will not be the last.

Now it will be the guys turn this coming Friday.  The Mother-Son dance will be Friday evening at 6:00.  Students can get advance tickets at the school.  Or you may purchase them at the door.

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