Red River Storage Now Open

Climate Controlled storage for your valuable items is now available in our area.  Luke Mitchell and Ricky Swayze have opened Red River Storage on US 71.  The Journal visited with Mitchell and asked about his vision for the storage units, why build them?

Mitchell said, “Initially we did not have a vision. Ricky and I were open to buying a new property to develop. We got wind of the VFW building being for sale. The VFW was relocating their meeting place, and I thought it would be neat to do something with the property. Susie (Ricky’s wife) was particularly fond of the property because of her history with the VFW. Her father, Bob Hartsell, was a veteran and longtime member of the Coushatta VFW chapter. According to Susie the large flag pole was dedicated in his honor when it was erected several years ago.

“In 2014, Ricky and I purchased the Leiendecker storage facility just down the road. We were having great success with it and thought maybe we could incorporate the former VFW property with the Leiendecker facility. This was something Red River Parish has never had. Anyone who wanted to safely store their property in a climate controlled unit had to go to Shreveport or Natchitoches. I met with a friend of mine who owns a large climate controlled facility and picked his brain about costs, contractors, efficiency, etc. He came and looked at the building and believed that it would work. That was all we needed to hear.”

The Journal asked, “What has the reaction been so far, and was there any curious excitement from people in town as the project was under construction?

 Mitchell said, “During the building process curiosity was extremely high. This was mainly due to the community’s shock that the VFW had sold the property. Everyone wanted to know who bought it, what was it going to be used for, etc. Often times people would stop in when they would see people working just to see what is going on and ask questions. Since we revealed its new purpose, we have gotten very positive feedback and the renting has begun.

The Journal asked about the security measures you offer to keep possessions safe.  Mitchell said, “We have two facilities. First is our dry storage facility (The old Leiendecker Storage). This property is fully lighted and the entire property fenced with chain link fencing topped with barbed wire. The gates are closed and locked every evening and opened every morning.

“The second facility is the climate controlled facility. It has four exit only doors that remain locked at all times. There is one entry door that requires a numeric code to gain access. Each renter will be provided a personalized code for entry. There is also 24 hour video surveillance. On the inside, the units are very similar to the dry storage. They have corrugated metal walls with either a rolling or swinging metal door. Each unit will be secured by that renter’s personal lock.”

The facility on US 71 at Esparanza road is the first facility of this kind in Red River Parish.  We asked Mitchell to describe what “climate controlled” storage means. He said, “The climate controlled storage facility uses heating and air conditioning units to maintain temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees year around. Temperature control reduces moisture in the air preventing your furniture and personal belongings from suffering damage from mildew, extreme heat and extreme cold, as well as limiting dust.” 

For more information and to rent a climate controlled unit, call 932-4011 days or 286-5390 after hours.

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