Fundraiser Basketball Games

The BETA Club students at Red River Elementary School are raising money for a trip to the BETA Convention this summer.  So they decided to hold a basketball tournament.  To encourage all students to attend, they were given a jeans day if they bought tickets.  And they named their fundraiser March Madness Pre-LEAP Basketball Games.

So the stage was set Friday afternoon.  The students filed into the gym and most of them (the ones who had brought money from home) headed straight to the concession stand.  Many decided to save at least a dollar for the “Free Throw” competition at half time.

The cheer squad made several appearances.  They lead the crowd in some of their favorite and most familiar cheers.  There was no shortage of noise in the gym at any time

The first game featured the RRES Girls basketball team taking on the school and school district staffers.  Makayle Murphy took the tip for the school team against School Superintendent Alison Hughes.  Hughes had a height advantage and got the tip.  They played two 3:00 halves and the adults got the win.

Second game of the afternoon saw the RRES Boys basketball team battling the adult staffers.  The boys did better in their game, however the adults won in the end. 

Both teams got some excellent coaching.  Mae Mae Hollman coached the girls while Jessie Davis and Tank McDonald coached the boys team.  Both coaches left the bench to try and help out their team.  The adult teams were just too strong.  The kids never gave up.  They went toe to toe (although not eye to eye) to their taller and older opponents throughout both games.  And everyone had fun!

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