Combat Flag Presented to High School

Jonathan Marston grew up in Red River Parish. He is a graduate of Hall Summit High School and a former commander of the National Guard unit at the Coushatta armory. Marston returned home last Friday night with a flag flown in combat to present to the high school.

Marston was a guest at the Military Ball last Friday night. Currently he is the First Sargent of Charlie Company of the 155th Armored Brigade at Natchez, Mississippi. He brought with him a beautifully cased American Flag and Certificate stating that it had been flown in combat over the classified base where Marston’s unit was stationed on August 4th, 2018.

Marston said his unit had been deployed to Kuwait, Syria and Iraq on a classified mission in the fight against ISIS. “We were being transported from Kuwait to an undisclosed location in Syria aboard an Air Force C-130 when the plane came under fire,” said Marston. His described what happened, “The pilot performed a fast descent combat landing and we hit hard. Our unit engaged the enemy and drove them back about 150 miles to a much smaller area.” He said this is the last stronghold village held by ISIS.

Red River High Principal JC Dickey accepted the flag. “We’ll find a special place in the gym trophy case to display it,” said Dickey, “This is a high traffic area and most of the people in the parish will see it when they come to ball games.”

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