Completing the Work

They came in their campers, trailers and pickup trucks. They are the Baptist Men Retiree Church Builders from the Dallas area. They joined with some local volunteers and they are completing work at Open Door Fellowship. When Open Door built their new building, they only completed the sanctuary and offices. Both sides under roof would have to wait.

The wait is over. On the north side, they are building a large fellowship hall and kitchen. On the south side of the sanctuary will be class rooms.

The Journal spoke with Dan Six from Nacona, Texas. Six is the Texas state coordinator of the retired church builders. Six said, “We will be here for two weeks doing all the work we can. We like to joke that we go home for two weeks to heal up then hit the road for another two week project.”

Open door is paying for the materials. The volunteers supply the labor. Six said, “We are all volunteers. We get no pay, just a meal a day and a place to park our campers.” There are sixteen campers parked in front of Open Door and Six says another volunteer is staying in a local motel.

The workers bring their wives. The Journal observed that some of them were involved in preparing lunch. Debbie Scott is the Secretary at Open Door. She said various members of the church pitch in and prepare lunch every day. They also provide snacks and coffee for mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks.

What does it take to join the volunteer construction crew? Six said, “You have to be a Christian and there is no prior construction experience required.” Six did say that most of the volunteers have some experience but he added, “You just show up and we’ll put you to work!”

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