Pastors Need Revival Too!

The monthly Men’s Breakfast was held on Tuesday morning at Martin Baptist Church. The group is made up primarily of ministers and others in ministry. They heard a call for pastors to be in revival themselves. 

The speaker was Preston Condra, author of the book Bearing Fruit or Living Barren. Condra spoke of the difficulties of being a pastor and cautioned that the job could get you down. “If you share your faith there will be objections,” said Condra, “Be ready! When sharing your faith be ready for objections.” 

On bearing fruit, Condra said, “When we become believers it is not from doing work. Believe in Jesus and he will produce his fruit in you. He works in you.” And Condra added, “As we walk with God we see ourselves as we are, as God sees us, constantly battling our sin nature. We should judge ourselves to see if we’re walking in the flesh or in the spirit.” 

Condra seemed to this observer to be saying to the pastors at the breakfast to listen to the message they deliver to their congregations. Quoting Jesus from John 15, Condra said, “Without me you can do nothing.” He added being spiritual is a huge part of the Christian Life.

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