Job Training Opportunities

There is help for adults living in Red River with job training and re-training. Debbie Robertson with the Coordinating and Development Corporation went before the Red River Parish Police Jury on Monday to discuss what is available. 

Robertson said she is coming to the Police Jury office every Tuesday from 9:00 am until 3:30 pm. She said, “We do training for adults and youth, anyone who has been laid off. We serve low income youth and adults also.” 

Police Jury President Shawn Beard asked, “If someone is receiving disability, can you help?” Robertson said, “It depends upon the disability. Yes, for some professions.” Robertson said they can also do referrals. “We can retrain injured workers who cannot go back to their prior type of employment,” added Robertson. 

The Coordinating and Development Corporation is working with the Adult Education Center in the parish. If you need assistance, or more information, Robertson will be in Coushatta on Tuesdays. She works out of the Police Jury office on the third floor of the courthouse.

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