A Coach Speaks Out

Dadrian Harris is a coach and instructor at Red River Elementary. He also is an assistant coach with the Red River girls basketball team. He recently posted some thought provoking ideas on social media. They are reprinted here with Harris’ permission: 

Players don’t want to be coached. Parents aren’t allowing kids to be coached. Coaches are losing passion to coach. This is a continued cycle that I’m seeing in high school sports today. Players: Be coachable. Understand your role on your team. When you’re not on the floor/field support your teammates. Work on your game outside of practice. Be a complete player; scoring isn’t everything. Remember the coaches (fans) in the stands aren’t at practice every day so give your coaches the respect and listen to them. Parents: Allow the coaches to have your kid. Understand your kids role on their team. Encourage your kid to put in the extra work when not practicing. Understand the REALITY of their talents. Promote positivity. Attend games. Coaches: Stand firm in your coaching philosophy, but be open minded. Remember to give positive feedback and not only negative feedback. Understand everyone won’t like what you do and you will always be criticized whether winning or losing, but ESPECIALLY when losing. Build relationships with your kids. Do not lie to your kids. Always give them the raw truth; it’s called CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. If your kids are working hard, you should reciprocate the same energy. Promote academics just as well as you promote your sport. Teach life. BE PASSIONATE!

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