Taylor Photos

Here are more of the great photos and historic notes of our parish from Joe Taylor. 

You are looking at the foot bridge over bayou Nicholas. The photographer is standing in front of what today is Nettles Funeral Home. The bridge was built in the early 1900’s and demolished in the late ‘30’s. Looking east down Carroll Street. 

A picture from the annual May Fete. An annual event that included just about the entire elementary school, so it was well attended as the parents all came. Under the direction of principal Leo Abington. This appears to be little Dutch boys and girls in a skit. Right to Left are: 

Susan Strother, Pat Hayden, Pat Blount, Rebecca Rayburn, Mary J. Drake, Donald Horton, Ann M. Davis, Walter Lee, Bennie S. Huckabay, Ann Wilson, Ralph Pylant, Steve Jones, and Billie Brumfield. 

Front street in the late forties. Probably on a Saturday when all the farmers came to town. The photographer is standing at the front of the Model hotel looking south down the main business section. 

This small unassuming building was the city hall for Coushatta for forty years. People of a certain age will remember it fondly for we all called it the “calaboose“ because it had two jail cells on the bottom floor and one room above it that took care of all of the towns business. My how government has grown.

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