Teen and Adult Challenge in Coushatta


The Louisiana Teen and Adult Challenge program came to Coushatta last Saturday. They set up an information booth at Rivertown Market manned by Bobby Davis, Jr. and Sebastian Ferrau. It was part of the group’s drug awareness campaign.

Ferrau explained, “The purpose of the drug awareness campaign is hope in the middle of the drug epidemic.” He said, “Secular programs typically have a two to fifteen percent success rate. Louisiana Teen and Adult Challenge has a success rate of 70 to 80 percent.”

“I was homeless, a convicted felon, and a drug addict when I started Challenge,” Ferrau said. The Journal asked what was the reason for their high success rate? Ferrau said, “Teen Challenge is a Christian discipleship program. It’s free although we accept donations.”

He said he has been clean almost three years now. Ferrau said, “It’s all to the glory of God. I can’t take any credit.” More information about Louisiana Teen and Adult Challenge can be found on their website.

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