ETC… for Wednesday, November 28th


It’s time for the annual holiday open house at the Bank of Coushatta. It will be held during the business day on Thursday, November 29th. Everyone in the community is welcome.

The Coushatta boat launch is open again. Here is the latest information from the Red River Waterway Commission:

Work is underway to open all of the public boat launches operated by the Red River Waterway Commission. Currently all boat launches are open except the following: Stoner Ave- expected to open later this week, Alexandria Levee Park- expected to open later this week, and Brouillette – closed for construction. We thank you for your patience as we work to get these launches open.

On a personal note…I found the answer to the question, “Why do I love college football?” or the “Why do I hate college football?” The LSU-A&M game on Saturday night. Which one is the right answer for you?

One thought on “ETC… for Wednesday, November 28th

  1. I was at the LSU A&M game Saturday night. I am approaching 400 A&M games I have seen in person. Never left one, one second early.

    This was the greatest of all time! Can you imagine the crowd reaction (on both sides), during this 7 overtime game! It was beyond belief!

    That is why I like College Football.

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