ETC… for November 14th


Back on Friday the Thirteenth of November in 1998 Rivertown Market opened for business. The first days of operation were recalled Tuesday morning by owner David Coffey and three employees who have been at Rivertown all along. It was the 20th anniversary of the store. And it was a time to raise a cup of coffee in toast to the first 20 and the hopes of many more anniversaries. Then Coffey scurried off to the loading dock to help (or whatever) unload another truck of groceries.

Sewing God’s Love celebrated Veterans Day by making afghans for the 16 veterans who attend Open Door Fellowship. Susan Taylor said, “We make something for vets every year. This year we gave them to Open Door.” Sewing God’s Love is a group of ladies who sew, crochet, knit, and create items that are distributed throughout the community.

Here’s a note from Hickory Grove Baptist Church: December 16th, the Southern Plainsmen Quartet will be at HGBC .

The Journal’s friends at Big Easy Emporium are having a Kimono Giveaway. Details on their Facebook page. Brenda reminds you “So many people think our business closed when we moved locations. If anybody asks, just tell them to drive north of Coushatta on Highway 71 for about 3 miles and look for the green signs! You can’t miss it! If you pass up the first entrance, you are sure to see the second one at Gus Smith Road. And like mama says, “Call if you get lost!” 318-471-3171.

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