Community Thanksgiving Services

RRPJ-Community Thanksgiving2-18Nov14

For the first time in several years there will be a community thanksgiving service. It will be held at First United Methodist Church on Front Street Sunday evening.

Bro Nathan Davis of First Baptist Church will bring the message. He shared some of his thoughts on the occasion with The Journal:

According to God’s Word, we are to be thankful in all things (1 Thessalonians 5:18). So, as a community, it is important that we give thanks in all things, that we gather together to express our gratitude to the Lord for His faithfulness to us and love for us.

As a community, I think we should be thankful for the spiritual leadership in our community. The pastors I know have a genuine love for their congregations and want to see them grow close to the Lord. Without strong spiritual leadership, we would not see the blessings of God on the Lord’s Church.

As a community, I think we should be thankful for the freedom to worship. Often in life we don’t realize what we have until it is gone. God honors our faithfulness to Him. We should be thankful that we can worship Him freely.

Similar gatherings that I have been apart of have been great. When pastors and churches come together to worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, it is a preview of Heaven. In this day and age, it is important that we focus more on the things that unite us and not divide us. Jesus loves the whole world.

I cannot say with certainty what I will be preaching on, but I am praying about Psalm 100. It is a psalm of thanksgiving that puts emphasis on our attitude about being thankful. Gladness is the key to thanksgiving.

Looking forward to it!

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