Report Card Shows Significant Progress

RRPJ-School Scores-18Nov9

The Louisiana Department of Education released School Performance Scores Thursday afternoon. The report shows Red River schools are making significant progress in educating children.

Superintendent Alison Hughes was just looking over the reports when The Journal caught up with her. Hughes said, “The school district grew overall. There was phenomenal growth at Red River High. The Junior High and Elementary schools showed growth as well.”

The district grew overall a full letter grade, from a “D” to a “C.” Red River High grew from a “C” to a “B.” Red River Elementary and Junior High schools have an overall grade of “D.” Hughes said, “The letter grade shadows growth that actually happened at both the Junior High and Elementary school. When you dig into the data, it shows our students are making great progress toward “Mastery” or toward becoming proficient in each subject.”

“For the first time, new state standards make it possible to see how much progress students are making,” said Hughes. She added, “Our teachers are actually growing kids. They are learning. We can demonstrate the progress kids are making from start to finish.”

Hughes said they would dig more into the report in the coming days. She expects to issue a more in-depth analysis early next week.

About a year ago the Louisiana Department of Education shuffled the deck, so to speak, changing the requirements for students to reach the various levels of achievement. Hughes explained to the school board at that time there would be some quirks because the basis for school and district performance evaluation was being changed. On Thursday Hughes told The Journal that the new performance scores have good news on every page and in just about every category. “Growth at the High School was phenomenal. And student progress at the Elementary and Junior High schools is great as well.”

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