Christmas Boxes for Children in the Area

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Little Angels of God is putting together their annual Christmas Box drive for 2018. They are seeking the names of families that need help with providing for their children this Christmas.

Spokesperson Stacey Lacour said, “We are a non-profit charity that started in the Spring of 2008. Our charity helps foster and needy children at Christmas and Easter. At Christmas they receive a plastic shoebox full of all sorts of goodies, personal care items and a bible. At Easter they receive a basket full of candy and small gifts.

“We donate to foster and displaced children in five parishes including Red River. We also donate to families and groups needing help providing for these holidays.

“Our foster angels always remain anonymous. These are made known to us by Churches, Schools, and concerned individuals. If you know of a child in need at the Christmas and/or Easter seasons, please contact one of our board members. We provide receipts for tax purposes if needed. Donations are welcomed all year, in the form of physical items, and monetary donations.”

Pictured are some of our volunteers and the boxes that are being assembled for the Christmas season. Little Angels of God’s Facebook page is

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