Junior High Beta Club Induction

RRPJ-Beta Club Inductin-18Nov7

By Rafe Suggs

Red River Junior High held the 2018-19 RRJH Beta Club induction on Tuesday October 23. Students must be invited to join Beta. This year’s group was the largest to be inducted.

The mission of Beta is to promote the ideals of achievement, character, service and leadership among elementary and secondary school students. The service motto is “Let Us Lead by Serving Others”

Sponsors of Beta at the Junior High are Mrs. Latonzia Beavers and Mr. Ronnie Williams. They offered a heart felt thanks to all the RRJH staff who stepped up to help with the induction. Mrs. Beavers joyfully explained that her co-workers had shown the ideals of Beta by helping her with the program and club.

Officers were inducted during the ceremony and students said the pledge. Officers are President Jaedynn French-Solton; VP Jieron Calhoun; Sec Breanna Friday; Treasurer Annaston Villapando; Chaplin Nehemiah Harris; Reporter Kamiera McDonald .

The evening ended with refreshments for all attending. RRJH Beta is looking forward to upcoming District Competition to be held at RRJH Nov 10th.

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