Thrown Together Makes Great Showing

RRPJ-Thrown together-18Oct24

Story and Photo by Debbie Narvaez

Our own local southern rock band “Thrown Together” from Coushatta competed in the “Dixie Maze Shout Out” located in Shreveport on Saturday 10/20/2018 and won 3rd Place. This gives them an opportunity to perform for Centenary College.

The band rocked the stage with three songs “American Band,” “Zombie” and “Country Girl.” The band is made up of five members; Allie Greer who is 13 years old (vocals, piano and guitar), James Phillips who is 13 years old (rhythm guitar), Randall Dalme who is 16 years old (bass), Austin Cooper who is 13 years old (drums) and Nick Narvaez who is 16 years old (lead guitar).

Thrown Together has been playing together for about six months. They have appeared at several festivals in Shreveport. They also have performed in local restaurants such as the York Chop in Coushatta and El Nopal in Shreveport with an invite to play again soon.

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