First Responder Appreciation Hosted by Red River Industries

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For the third year in a row Red River Industries has held an appreciation event for local law enforcement, firefighters, and emergency responders. “We appreciate them and what they do for us and the community,” said Eletha Seabaugh, Director of Red River Industries.

By lunch time Seabaugh said 40 to 45 had come by, “And I expect more this afternoon.” They were treated to a delicious luncheon spread that was capped off with a large selection of the baked goods, cookies and cakes Red River Industries is famous for. The cookies, Italian Crème and Orange Bundt cakes were the most popular.

Seabaugh told The Journal, “The original idea was a way to get the clients of Red River Industries to learn not to be afraid of authorities. We would bring police officers and firefighters to meet them here. This gave our clients confidence that they were there to help them, if needed.” It worked and Seabaugh said, “Now they look forward to the celebration.”

Also last Friday Red River Industries concluded the Deer Hunting Rifle Raffle. One of their clients, Devonna Speed was called upon to draw the winning ticket. Speed scrambled them up in the big basket, reached deep in the pile, and drew out the winner. She is Rene Johnson and she won a Remington 783 Deer Rifle 270 Caliber with mounted scope. Proceeds of the raffle go to support programs of Red River Industries working with physically and mentally challenged citizens of the parish.

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