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RRPJ-Fair Parade TOP-18Oct10

This year’s Fair Parade rolled out of the Fairgrounds on Thursday afternoon. The 2018 fair was dedicated to those who “protect and serve” the parish. So it was only proper that law enforcement, fire, and emergency responders played a prominent role.

Leading the parade were Sheriff’s Office motorcycles and patrol unit. The colors were carried by Red River High School Junior ROTC cadets. Then came Sheriff Glen Edwards and mounted riders with state and national flags.

The Fire Department and parish EMS sent numerous units, including the Off Road Special Response Unit. Everyone turns their head with fire trucks go by. And the riders in these were throwing candy, lots of it.

Green Meadow Haven sent a colorfully decorated float with residents of the home. And more candy. And there were local dignitaries and candidates for office throughout the parade. At the top of this article is Mayor Johnny Cox throwing beads. That is no optical illusion, the beads from Cox were captured in mid-air!

There was a band and cheer squad from Red River High. The music was great and the band played enthusiastically along the whole route.

Royalty abounded! The homecoming courts of local schools road floats, however most were in the back of pickups,. Some road floats from their school.

Outstanding floats were entered by the vocational classes at Red River, the local Cub Scout Pack, the Fire Department’s fire dog, an antique tractor towing the Junior High 4-H float, Hercules from Coushatta Tire Shop, the high school football players, the Blue Diamonds, and kids from the elementary school.

Bringing up the rear were many mounted riders. Their mounts were spirited and many did tricks for the crowd. One rider had his horse marching sideways.

The parade had many participants this year. And overall it lasted nearly half an hour. There was lots of candy, plus Frisbees, cups, beads and other trinkets for the crowds lining the parade route.

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