To Repair or Replace

RRPJ-Courthouse Repairs-18Oct10

On October 16th, a delegation from the Red River Parish Police Jury is scheduled to travel to view the Bienville Parish Courthouse. Jury Vice President Ben Taylor announced the trip at the October meeting last week.

The present courthouse was constructed in 1928. It is in need of repair due to water damage. The agencies occupying the building are also in need of more space from which to operate. The roles of those offices have expanded considerably since ’28. Taylor said many repairs are needed to our courthouse and the cost of repairs could be greater than the cost of building a new one. And repairing the courthouse would not solve the lack of space situation.

Taylor told the jury that Bienville Parish constructed a new courthouse within the past few years. It houses all parish agencies. Members of the jury want to see what they built with an eye to perhaps constructing a new facility here.

Meanwhile the police jury is going to have the lot across East Carroll Street from the courthouse cleared. The slab, trees and debris would be removed from the site. It is projected for that work to be completed this year.

4 thoughts on “To Repair or Replace

  1. Sad to think the building maintenance has been neglected to the point that anyone would think of replacing it (maintenance of the building is Police Jury responsibility, as is management if the sales tax whuch was passed that enumerated building maintence as one category for spending said tax revenue) That building has a foundation that can never be replaced with any reasonable amount of money, and a Clerk’s record vault designed to withstand any force of nature. The building needs to be looked at by someone who appreciates its historical significance, structural integrity, classical beauty, future usefulness, and good financial management. New ain’t always better.

    • Ridiculous…our Court House is a historical buulding. Do you even have a clue what it would cost to build a new structure like the one we have? Where do you propose we get the money to build this high dollar building? We can do updates to the interior and be just fine.

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