Police Jury Joins Suit Against Drug Manufacturers

RRPJ-Opiod Suit-18Oct5

The Red River Parish Police Jury is joining a national lawsuit against manufacturers of opioid pain medication. The jury passed a motion to join the suit at the October meeting on Monday.

The jury accepted the proposal from a group of attorneys who represent numerous police juries in this state. The jury had received a presentation from the lawyers at the September meeting.

One attorney, John Young said they are including racketeering, fraudulent marketing, and false labeling of opioid pain killers. Young said it was all designed to promote the medicine as safe while denying risks of addiction.

Young told the jury the drug companies are making billions and sticking taxpayers with the cost of caring for victims. He estimated those health care costs run about $286,000,000 per year in Louisiana.

The case against the drug manufacturers is nationwide and will be heard in Ohio. The attorneys gave no estimate of the time frame for hearings and a conclusion to the lawsuits.

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